Fall Tree Service for Worcester, Massachusetts Homeowners


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Fall Tree Service Recommendations for Massachusetts Homeowners

Fall is the perfect time to evaluate the need for pruning your trees and to remove tree limbs that can become a danger to your property during the harsh winter months in Massachusetts.
While it is important that trees should be pruned from time to time to maintain the health of the tree, excessive pruning can damage a tree. A certified arborist will help you determine if pruning is needed and the best time of year to prune each type of tree. An arborist will help you remove infected or dead limbs, cut back branches to encourage growth and prune the tree to improve aesthetics.

Why is the fall the best time to remove tree branches and prune your trees?

Late fall through late winter is the best time to remove tree branches, prune trees and determine if a tree should be removed. This is the time of year when tree diseases are inactive and therefore not as much of a risk to your trees. Fresh tree cuts during the warmer months can allow an entry point for diseases and pests. While pruning your trees can improve the look and health of your trees, improper pruning or pruning at the wrong time can lead to serious risks for your trees.

Why is it important to prune trees or remove dead trees from your property?

Pruning, and at times even tree removal, may be necessary when a tree’s growth interferes with your property by growing too close to power lines or your roof. Having an tree expert’s help will ensure that you prune the tree back from these hazards safely for both you and your trees!

Five reasons why you should remove that dead tree before the winter.

1. Dead trees attracts pests
2. Tree diseases are contagious
3. Tree branches may fall and injure someone or your property
4. A dead tree is more likely to fall during the harsh winds, snow storms. Diseased or decayed trees are much more likely to fall and damage or injure someone or your property. The harsh winds of hurricane season and the Nor’easter’s New England is so famous for, leave your property vulnerable to damage from a fallen tree or branch.
5. Dead Trees make your property look less cared for. A diseased or damaged tree is unattractive and will detract from your overall landscaping aesthetics. While you may have beautiful landscaping and lawn care, a dead tree will counteract all your efforts.

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