Our Team


Certified Arborist and Owner Graeme Elliott

Photo of Elliott Tree Owner and Certified Arborist Graeme Elliott
Certified arborist and owner of Elliott Tree, Graeme is found most at peace working amongst the trees or with this family. As the founder of Elliott Tree, Graeme’s vision is to provide outstanding client care while maintaining a team of strength and knowledge. ” I never thought I would be the owner of my own business and still consider myself of a workforce nature. I am grateful for whatever luck or generosities have allowed me to support the life I live while doing what I love.”


Certified Arborist Joshua Linton

Photo of MA Certified arborist Josh Linton
Josh has been in the green industry for over 20 years, and a Massachusetts licensed arborist for 15 years. A graduate of Paul Smith College, he enjoys nature and all of its splendor. At Elliot Tree as an Arborist representative he enjoys meeting new clients and caring for their tree and landscape needs.


Horticulture & Arboriculture Expert Andrew Potter

Photo of Andy Potter, a horticulturist with Elliott Tree of Holden
With over three decades of experience in planting and designing gardens, Andy is considered a leader in our industry as a horticulturist and arboriculturist. Andy has built his reputation of expertise with his unique knowledge and ability to asses and determine which plants will grow, to what size and the longevity expected. As a highly experienced arborist and horticulturalist he possesses a unique ability to marry the relationship between tree and plant. Andy’s extensive plant knowledge ranges from the largest of trees to the smallest of plants and herbs. His passion is helping his clients discover how they want to beautify and use their landscape.

An avid whistler – he is of a unique character, a dreamer and a visionary.